Karate Foot Punishment
VeVe Lane and Thrash
April 2015

Foot Domination

Foot Domination

Watch out, Thrash! There are a lot of ways that feet can hurt you!

Karate champion VeVe is preparing for a tournament, and Thrash has offered to hold kick pads to help her train. But VeVe is a fanatically hardcore karate competitor, and she quickly loses patience with Thrash's amateurish pad holding skills (or lack thereof!). Really, Thrash, if you don't hold those pads right, you're gonna get a foot in the face... And that's just what he gets. And how!

Infuriated, VeVe knocks the pads aside and shows Thrash just how much punishment her feet can be! Scolding him for his incompetence, she kicks him in the body, throws him to the ground, shoves her feet into his face and throat, pinches his nose with her toes, foot chokes him, covers his mouth with her soles, tramples him and jump-stomps on him, stuffs her foot in his mouth, and absolutely humiliates him with her dominance. Karateka VeVe is cruel and sadistic, and she pushes Thrash's humiliation as far as she can, foot gagging him several times and making him gasp and sputter.

As she concludes her punishment of poor Thrash, she strips out of her uniform and into her elegant bra and panties. She sits on his belly, fully covers his face with her soles, and reminds him just how pathetic he is to be brought so low by her feet!

Total running time: 17 minutes

High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.
VeVe is very rough with Thrash. Lots of foot-in-face in various ways. Continuous verbal abuse from VeVe. VeVe has gold toe nail polish.

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Foot Domination Foot Domination Foot Domination
Foot Domination Foot Domination Foot Domination
Foot Domination Foot Domination Foot Domination

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