El Nino
El Nino

Kami Kyller vs El Nino
Competitive Mixed Wrestling
March 2024

Kami vs El Nino

Kami vs El Nino

Kami hops back in for her 2nd competitive submission wrestling match on her "Welcome Back!" day -- a mixed match against El Nino. And Kami is delighted to put her smashing abilities and strength to good use against a male opponent!

Kami has 6 years of wrestling training, plus 4 years of jiu-jitsu training. She had taken a break from wrestling training to focus on weight lifting and strength training, but now she's bounding back in action on the mats again. El Nino has been wrestling for about 4 years, off and on, with a small amount of formal training.

So, while Kami has the experience advantage here, she also has a size advantage as well. El Nino is tough and scrappy... but how well can he hold up against Kami's "crushing pressure" wrestling style?

And Kami certainly does deliver crushing pressure, indeed! El Nino does his best to hold his own, but Kami gladly grinds him into the mats. She calmly wards off his attacks and maneuvers past his defenses, working her way up to deliver crushing and squeezing pressure with her legs, arms, or body weight.

But if El Nino thinks wrestling against Kami is tough, just wait until the Punishment Round...

Two 10-minute submission wrestling rounds. All submissions permitted. 5-minute Punishment Round for the loser. Punishment Round includes: RNC, armbar, school girl pin with face smooshing, facesitting, chest sitting, rib-compressing cross-body pin, and victory pose.

Kami: 5'6" and 175 lbs (79 kg).
El Nino: 5'4" and 148 lbs (67 kg).

Includes brief opening comments, mid-match comments, and post-match comments. 1080 Full HD

Full Video Duration: 29 minutes

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