Indoctrination: Female Supremacy Syndicate
VeVe Lane and Shawn Fox
December 2018

pantyhose domination

pantyhose domination

Agent VeVe, head mistress of the Female Supremacy Syndicate, brings in a new male specimen for a healthy dose of Syndicate-style indoctrination...

VeVe tosses her indignant male captive into her "work room" and gets right to business. Completely unperturbed by the male's verbal protests and physical resistance, strong and skillful Agent VeVe handles him with the greatest of ease; in the classic style of her organization, she uses her nylon-clad legs, feet, and hips to keep him under her complete control... physically... to start...

Casually cruel, she torments him with headscissors, figure-4s, facesitting, and feet on his face and throat, all while continually expounding the undeniability of female supremacy and male weakness. Her captive attempts to argue back in defiance, but VeVe's graceful legs provide the perfect persuasive touch to drive her point home. He begins to lose himself amidst the punishment and compelling monologue, becoming entranced by her beautiful legs, until he's reduced to being slavishly worshipful. The head mistress reminds her new convert that his sole purpose is to serve her will, allowing him a small moment of adoration as she stands over him and enjoys another flawless victory.

Total running time: 22 minutes

Fantasy Domination Scenario. VeVe wears sheer black pantyhose and black thong leotard. Cruel and superior dialogue from VeVe throughout.

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veve lane veve lane veve lane
veve lane veve lane veve lane
veve lane veve lane veve lane

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