Heavy Lifting: VeVe Lifts the Bigger Ladies:
Katarina, Kaia, Sweetie, Ursa, & Vera
March 2019

lift and carry

lift and carry

VeVe has been gradually building up her lift and carry game, so today she sets herself a test to see what her maximum abilities really are. Five of her heavier lady wrestler friends, ranging in weight from 170 to 269 lbs, agree to help her. She will pick up each one of them from lightest to heaviest using different lifts until she finds one she can't do... or runs out of lifts!

VeVe tests herself with the front carry, the cradle, and the shoulder ride, and Katarina, Kaia, Sweetie, Ursa, and Vera cheer her on. The bigger ladies also show their nervousness, excitement, and most of all delight at being lifted -- not a common experience for them!

How did VeVe do? Spoilers (highlight below to see):
[The front carry and cradle tests are total successes, with VeVe able to lift all five ladies. She's also able to complete four shoulder rides, working her way up to Ursa at 235 lbs, before finding the lift that's still too heavy -- shoulder carrying 269-lbs Vera. Oh well, good to have something to work for!]

VeVe wraps up her very satisfying lift and carry challenge with a smile and a quick over-the-shoulder victory pose with Sweetie (225 lbs).

All ladies wear two-piece bikini or bra and panties outfits.

Total running time: 13 minutes

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lift and carry lift and carry lift and carry
lift and carry lift and carry lift and carry
lift and carry lift and carry lift and carry

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