Handcuffed Smother Domination
VeVe Lane and Thrash
February 2015

Mixed Wrestling

Mixed Wrestling

VeVe has been handcuffed, and Thrash has hidden the key as a practical joke! But VeVe is not amused, and she plans to get him to reveal the key's location... by force! She'll just have to smother it out of him -- no hands required!

This fantasy domination wrestling video contains two scene variations: the first with VeVe's hands cuffed in front, and the second with her hands cuffed behind. She manhandles Thrash on the mats, interrogating him and dominating him with her feet, legs, and hips, and forcing him into holds and facesits as she works to smother and squeeze the information out of him. Though Thrash's joke didn't amuse her, punishing him certainly does! She tortures him with forward and reverse facesitting, headscissors and figure-4s, a variety of foot smothers, arm locks, shin pressure, and other creatively punishing holds.

Thrash holds out as long as he can, but VeVe's deep facesitting gets the better of him, and he finally gives up the information in each scene. With the key, VeVe removes her handcuffs and subjects the now-exhausted Thrash to a final punishment: a deep, prolonged reverse facesit to take his breath away.

Total running time: 32 minutes

High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.
Both scenes concluded with a victory pose.
VeVe wears slingshot "monokini" w/pasties. Emphasis on facesitting and feet. VeVe is quite rough on poor Thrash. Fantasy Domination, totally one-sided.

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Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling

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