VeVe Lane
VeVe Lane
Sinn Sage
Sinn Sage

Gladiatrix Match!
Sinn Sage and VeVe Lane
May 2014

VeVe Lane vs Sinn Sage

VeVe Lane

VeVe and Sinn face off in this gladiatrix fingerlock wrestling battle, a tribute to the erotically-charged female fight scene from "The Seven Magnificent Gladiators." VeVe and Sinn interlock their fingers and keep them locked for the entire bout. The ladies are even bound together at the wrists, erasing any chance of breaking the lock.

They fight in the style of the original film, straining and struggling for dominance, grunting and groaning as they match strength against strength. The continual fingerlock and binding, force these female gladiators to fight creatively, twisting and turning to wrap each other into holds and pins.

This gladiatrix match has a sensual tone, with back-and-forth action, smothers and facesitting, head and body scissors, wild hair, moans and cries of exertion, and a wealth of intriguing holds and reversals. But finally, after a long struggle, VeVe gains the upper hand and takes out her opponent with a reverse facesit. With wrists still bound, she sits astride Sinn and hits a victory pose.

Total running time: 15 minutes
High Definition. Display size: 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.
Wrestling is in fantasy style. Both ladies wear thong fundoshi and bikini tops.

Selected Screen Stills:
VeVe Lane vs Sinn Sage VeVe Lane vs Sinn Sage VeVe Lane vs Sinn Sage
VeVe Lane vs Sinn Sage VeVe Lane vs Sinn Sage VeVe Lane vs Sinn Sage
VeVe Lane vs Sinn Sage VeVe Lane vs Sinn Sage VeVe Lane vs Sinn Sage

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Gladiatrix Match! Vol 2, with VeVe and Lydia Vengeance, from 2021, can be found here.

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