VeVe Lane vs Lana Luxor
Competitive Facesit Pins Wrestling
January 2020

facesit wrestling

facesit wrestling

Lana Luxor jumps in to try our challenging and strenuous Competitive Facesit Pins wrestling style! She faces off against the Petite Powerhouse VeVe Lane. Both ladies are fit and experienced fighters, but *both* are still fairly new to our special Facesit Pins Wrestling style.

This style favors strength and fortitude, and it is quite punishing for whichever wrestler finds herself on the bottom. The rules:

- 20-minute continuous match (with 3-min Punishment Round for the loser)
- Two ways to score: 8-count facesitting pin scores 1 point. Handsmother submission scores a half point.
- "No Bridging" Rule: If a wrestler is flat on her back, she may NOT push off the mat with her feet in any way. (but she may twist, rock, swing or lift her legs, or push with her arms, etc).

VeVe and Lana are both physically strong, and neither one wants to be facesat! It's a hard-fought and difficult struggle. Quite challenging! VeVe has more general wrestling experience than Lana, but our Facesit Pins style narrows the experience gap. The ladies have to be simultaneously tough and creative. And they do not go easy on each other.

Total running time: 29 minutes
Includes opening and closing comments.

Spoiler: (highlight below to see text)
Difficult! No full-count facesit pins are scored. But VeVe does score with a hand smother submission. An even start. VeVe is eventually primarily on offense. Lana struggles fiercely in defense, working hard to get up and reset. VeVe scores the victory.

The winner celebrates with a 3-Minute Punishment Round, where she subjects the loser to unresisted facesitting & more: forward & reverse, school girl pin, and reverse figure-4 smother, and a standing victory pose.

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facesit wrestling facesit wrestling facesit wrestling
facesit wrestling facesit wrestling facesit wrestling
facesit wrestling facesit wrestling facesit wrestling

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