Competitive Facesit Pins Match
Ursa Fierce vs Katarina
November 2019

facesit wrestling

facesit wrestling

Two tough, curvy, hard-fighting lady wrestlers face off to crushingly trap each other with ample booty action in this fully competitive facesitting pins wrestling match! And for this match, the ladies will observe a special rules set to make things particularly facesit-y and brutal.

The Rules are: Score 1 point via 8-count facesit pin (forward or reverse facesit; both shoulder blades on the mat). Score 1/2 point for hand smother submission. Most points wins. And now for the *extra special* rule: No bridging allowed! So, if a competitor is flat on her back, she may NOT push off the mat with her feet in any way. She must put her legs straight or lift them up in the air. She can twist side to side or push with her arms, but she may NOT use her feet on the mat when pinned. So, whoever ends up on her back, is going to have a VERY difficult time, indeed... and she will need to work extra hard to escape an incoming pin!

This match is athletic, physical, and full of strenuous effort from both competitors. The special rules encourage a strength-based, forceful, "Old School" style of wrestling. With the emphasis on relentless pinning pressure, it's quite brutal for whoever hits the ground first in each exchange. Pushing, shoving, turning over, heavy pressure, and hard work. The ladies find this style of match favors size and strength (much to the dismay of the smaller wrestler!), and if you end up on the bottom, even the hardest struggle-effort seems to only delay the inevitable crushing...

Ursa: 5'5" and 250 lbs.
Katarina: 5'6" and 170 lbs.

Spoiler (highlight below to see text):
Ursa is simply unstoppable in this style of match!

Two 10-minute rounds. Includes opening and closing comments. Facesit victory pose for the winner. Both ladies wear thongs and bras.

Total running time: 28 minutes

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facesit wrestling facesit wrestling facesit wrestling
facesit wrestling facesit wrestling facesit wrestling
facesit wrestling facesit wrestling facesit wrestling

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