Lana Luxor vs Katarina Pierce
Competitive Facesit Pins Match
August 2020

lana vs katarina

lana vs katarina

lana vs katarina

In this highly-anticipated showdown, strong-legged Lana Luxor takes on scrappy and curvaceous Katarina for a fully competitive Facesit Pins wrestling match! This marks the first time that these feisty ladies have faced each other in any sort of official competitive match on our mats.

Lana is powerful, determined, and has been training formally in grappling, while Katarina is a trash-talking scrapper with a lot of tenacity. And both ladies bring all that they've got for this grueling match...

The Rules:
- 20 minutes continuous (no rest period)
- 1 point for an 8-count facesit pin or school girl pin
- Half-point for a hand smother submission
- If your back is flat on the mat, you cannot put your feet on the mat
- Most points wins
- 5-minute facesitting Punishment Round for the loser

This is a difficult match, indeed! And it gets very sweaty! Not only are the rules physically challenging, but both ladies are strong, stubborn, and hard-working. Lana's experience edge is clear as she wins knock-downs and attacks continuously from the top, but Katarina digs deep and gives her very best effort to fight back and resist -- and trash talk whenever she can! Katarina is incredibly resilient and tough to pin down, but Lana works to stay focused as her frustration increases....

Lock-ups, front-facing headlocks, suspenseful near-pins, shiny sweatiness, pushing through fatigue, and a final winner emerging after making great efforts to score.

And the exhausted (yet delighted) winner celebrates her hard-earned victory with a 5-minute Punishment Round of unresisted sweaty reverse facesits on the even more exhausted loser. And concluding with a victory pose.

Lana: 5'7" and 150 lbs.
Katarina: 5'6" and 185 lbs.

Total running time: 31 minutes
Includes opening and closing comments

Spoiler: (highlight below to see text)
Lana seizes victory by finally scoring a successful school girl pin after making several pin attempts against VERY resistant Katarina.

Thong bikinis.

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lana vs katarina lana vs katarina lana vs katarina
lana vs katarina lana vs katarina lana vs katarina
lana vs katarina lana vs katarina lana vs katarina

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