Domme Contest
VeVe Lane & Goddess Talia
May 2023

veve and talia

veve and talia

Dominatrixes Mistress VeVe and Goddess Talia meet up after a day of dominating men to lament just how weak and wimpy their male submissives are. Scissoring and smothering the male subs is no challenge at all, and the dommes never get a chance to use their full strength against these weakling. And so, how can the ladies ever know how strong their crushing holds really are....?

Mistress VeVe is certain that, between the two of them, her wrestling holds would be stronger than Goddess Talia's. Talia laughs and insists that her holds would be considerably more dominant. A rivalry flares up as the dommes agree to a challenge: to test their holds on each other!

Each of the dommes gets a 7-minute round to dominate the other. The receiver may not resist the holds, but can tap out if needed. The ladies use a variety of headscissors, facesits, body scissors, smothers, and feet on face/throat, plus other holds, on each other. They both taunt, belittle, and insult each other as they go -- both from the top and the bottom! And as their rivalry grows, the two dominas trash talk each other more and more...

At last, when the two rival dommes cannot agree on who's stronger, they go head-to-head -- or, rather, legs to heads -- in a simultaneous reverse headscissors scissor-off! The ladies simultaneously squeeze each other as hard as they can until one of them has to tap out. The winner then celebrates with several minutes of victory posing, facesitting, and taunting over the the dissatisfied (and still trash talking) loser!

Scenario with real squeezing and real submission hold pressure. VeVe and Talia wear lingerie and thigh-high stockings. 1080 Full HD

Full Video Duration: 25 minutes

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domme contest domme contest domme contest
domme contest domme contest domme contest
domme contest domme contest domme contest

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