VeVe Lane, Female Session Wrestler
VeVe Lane

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Orlandoe, Female Session Wrestler

VeVe vs Orlandoe
Catfight Wrestling
April 2011

Catfight: VeVe vs Orlandoe Orlandoe's been talking, and VeVe wasn't too pleased to hear what she had to say. Orlandoe claimed that VeVe would be no match for her in a fight with striking, so VeVe quickly jumped to accept a challenge to a competitive catfight style match!

In this match, NO arm lock or jointlock submissions are permitted. Only slapping, hair pulling, wrestling, RNCs and neck attacks, scissors submissions, and smothers ARE permitted.

The hits are HARD, the skill level is high, and the intensity of this vicious match is palpable. Quite a fight!

VeVe Lane: 5'4" and 122 lbs
Orlandoe: 5'5" and 130 lbs

This match is two 10-minute rounds, for a total of 20 minutes of sweaty catfighting action.
Most submissions wins.
Winner takes a victory pose over the loser.

** Standard Definition ** Display 640x480. Bit Rate: 3 mbps. Fully competitive. Includes opening trash talk face-off. Includes victory pose by the winner (but no punishment round, since this was filmed before we officially included those.)

Video Duration: 21 minutes

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Catfight Wrestling: VeVe Lane vs Orlandoe
Catfight Wrestling: VeVe Lane vs Orlandoe
Catfight Wrestling: VeVe Lane vs Orlandoe
Catfight Wrestling: VeVe Lane vs Orlandoe
Catfight Wrestling: VeVe Lane vs Orlandoe
Catfight Wrestling: VeVe Lane vs Orlandoe
Catfight Wrestling: VeVe Lane vs Orlandoe
Catfight Wrestling: VeVe Lane vs Orlandoe
Catfight Wrestling: VeVe Lane vs Orlandoe

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Customer Review for this video:
All of us who are fans of The Doom Maidens recognize VeVe Lane as a skilled wrestler and a great competitor. That's why it is enjoyable to see the strong rivalry that has developed between VeVe and another very talented and very competitive Doom Maiden... Orlandoe.

The rivalry between VeVe and Orlandoe began several months ago. First, there was a fast paced and hard fought competitive wrestling match in which both women displayed not only real wrestling expertise, but also a true determination to win. This was a great match.

Next was the bondage wrestling match where Orlandoe charged onto the mat to stop VeVe's victory posing over the defeated Athena. I have never had any interest in bondage of any kind, but the "rope wrestling" between VeVe and Orlandoe was intense and truly exciting.

But best of all in the VeVe vs. Orlandoe saga is the recently released cat fight between these two wrestling stars. It starts when Orlandoe tells VeVe... "I think we should have a bitch fight; a cat fight." VeVe responds by saying... "I can trade slaps with the best of `em." And trade slaps they do as an exchange of two hard smacks to each other's faces launches the action.

What follows is twenty minutes of unbridled non-stop fury... intense grappling, vicious hair pulling, face mauling, kicking, and the hardest slaps to both faces and bodies that I have ever seen. The sharp crack of bare hands against bare flesh reverberates throughout the room, and soon redness can be seen on the bodies of both fighters. The two fighters pant, gasp and grunt as their war intensifies. Neither fighter asks for nor receives any slack or relief. They sweat and strain as they seek to dominate each other. VeVe and Orlandoe fight with a ferocity that is rarely seen.

VeVe and Orlandoe are beautifully conditioned... their stamina and their endurance are incredible. This is no roll, slap and giggle contest. This is an all-out intensive bitch fight between two equally matched and very courageous young women. The margin of victory is razor-thin and the winner strikes a victory pose with her foot on her opponent's face.

An interesting note... after thirty seconds of intense fighting, VeVe and Orlandoe have a discussion on what the rules are... and they do this while they continue fighting furiously.

I hope VeVe and Orlandoe face each other many times in the future. These are two great fighters and they represent the best of the Doom Maidens.

[Submitted by Flynn, 2011]

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