Pantyhose Destruction Catball Fight
VeVe Lane and Ramona Flour
August 2016

catball fight

catball fight

With only moments until their photoshoot, lingerie models VeVe and Ramona discover that they both have runs in their pantyhose. Now that just won't do, especially since they don't have any extra pairs. But *who* was responsible for bringing the extra pantyhose? VeVe insists it was Ramona's turn, but Ramona refuses to be blamed. Words fly and VeVe's temper flares, and she grabs Ramona (and Ramona's pantyhose), determined to rip her pantyhose off to teach her a lesson. But two can play at that game, and Ramona grabs back as the two fall to the floor for a pantyhose destruction catball fight!

With legs entangled, the ladies roll slowly along the ground as they argue and tear at each other's pantyhose. Ramona laughs and teases, mocking VeVe's outrage, which only serves to annoy VeVe even more. VeVe squeezes Ramona, grabs her tights, and pulls at her hair as the ladies scramble and bicker, while Ramona stays firmly fixated on shredding VeVe's hose to bits. Absolutely irritated, VeVe keeps the pressure on to punish Ramona, but it's definitely the pantyhose that take the worst of the beating in this conflict!

At last, with her own pantyhose nearly obliterated and her g-string on full display, VeVe's fury gives her the edge to snatch the victory. And with Ramona defeated, VeVe pulls off her rival's distressed pantyhose and poses in triumph.

Total running time: 24 minutes

Fantasy Catball Style. Both ladies wear sheer black pantyhose, thongs, bras. Both sets of pantyhose suffer many rips, tears, VeVe's pair very severely. Slow rolling, legs entangled.

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catball fight catball fight catball fight
catball fight catball fight catball fight
catball fight catball fight catball fight

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