Boot Domina Catball Fight
Nadia White and VeVe Lane
October 2015

catball fight

catball fight

When tall boots collide! Nadia and VeVe are rival pro-dommes who have unknowingly planned to attend the same fetish party. But that just won't do! Domina VeVe, in her shiny PVC boots, had planned to have all the boot slaves to herself, but trouble-maker Domina Nadia, in classic leather boots, would love to steal the show. No, no, this won't do at all. Completely annoyed, VeVe grabs Nadia and drags her to the ground, and the ladies lock up for a boot domina catball fight!

With legs intertwined and bodies front-to-front, the ladies roll across the mats in classic catball style, pulling each other's hair, gasping, groaning, grabbing at each other's faces, and hurling insults galore. Their rolling is energetic and furious, their hair wild, and their boots continuously entangled. VeVe is enraged and indignant, while Nadia is mocking and irreverent. And both are in it to win it.

The ladies' tall, stiletto heeled boots are a prime area of focus in this battle. There are many close-ups of their entangled boots and many instances where the camera follows the boots, in particular, though the furious action. And amidst the women's groans and heavy breathing, we can also hear the subtle creaking of the boots as they rub together.

In the end, after an exhausting struggle, Nadia traps VeVe with an inescapable smother to snatch the win. A victory for leather while PVC is left in defeat.

Total running time: 21 minutes

Catball style / Fantasy wrestling. No slapping. Both ladies in skimpy lingerie and respective tall, stiletto heel boots.
Includes views from all angles, but EXTRA emphasis on views of the BOOTS and legs.

HD 1280 x 720, 3.5 mbps.

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catball fight catball fight catball fight
catball fight catball fight catball fight
catball fight catball fight catball fight

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