A Super Bondage Caper!
Superheroine VeVe vs Evil Enchantress Sahrye
August 2018

bondage caper

bondage caper

A wild and rope-filled Bondage Caper featuring VeVe Lane as a virtuous superheroine taking on the evil, wily villainess Enchantress Sahrye. Trickery, mesmerizing, rope bondage, ball gags, stripping to bras and panties, and classic Heroine vs Villainess antics! An original story written and directed by VeVe.

Our scene opens with the heroic Super VeVe having captured evil Enchantress Sahrye and keeping her bound to a chair (though ungagged, in order to be interrogated...). But holding a super villainess captive is never an easy feat (even when she's tightly bound!). Sahrye tricks Super VeVe and mesmerizes her, taking total control over the now-obedient heroine! Enslaved to Sahrye, Super VeVe unties her mistress and then allows Sahrye to hogtie her -- but when Sahrye steps away, Super VeVe starts to fight off the enchantment and attempt an escape...

Sahrye reasserts her control and enjoys ordering her enslaved superheroine around. She makes Super VeVe follow orders, makes her strip to bra and panties, makes her suffer painful strikes and humiliations, makes her tie herself up into a complex ball tie and willingly accept a ball gag. Confident in her control, Sahrye steps away... but our heroic heroine fights free of the charm again and sets a trap for the Enchantress! An ambush, a surprise ball-gagging, a fight, a fight-y stripping of the Enchantress to her bra and panties, and, in a turn of the tables, a full hogtying for our dastardly villainess.

Such an ordeal to keep Enchantress Sahrye under wraps! And Super VeVe learns an important lesson: a captive villainess is always best gagged!

Bondage Summary: Sahrye chair bound (ungagged) and later hogtied with ball gag. VeVe hogtied (ungagged) and later ball tied with ball gag. Heroine vs Villainess dynamic.

Total running time: 54 minutes

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