Big Boss Blaze vs Hanz Vanderkill
Competitive Mixed Wrestling
October 2023

Blaze vs Hanz

Blaze vs Hanz

Big Boss Blaze aims higher on the hierarchy of local male opponents, now stepping up to take on the infamous Hanz in her next competitive mixed match.

Blaze has been training formally in submission wrestling for about a year and a half now. She's in the gym regularly, she competes in mainstream grappling tournaments, and she's gradually making a name for herself as a competitive wrestler in the underground scene.

Hanz has been wrestling in the underground for several years. He doesn't have any formal training, but he knows his way around the mats... and he loves to apply a good squeezing submission hold.

Once they hit the mats, Blaze and Hanz prove to be quite well matched. They are both "leg-centric" wrestlers, and so, of course, they both seek to wrap their legs around each other's bodies for control and attacks. They move at a relatively slow pace, squeezing, clutching, and pressuring into each other.

The match itself is a slow and grueling battle of strength and grips, both competitors gradually working up a sweat from the close contact pressure. Despite the slowness of the movement, this is one of Blaze's most challenging mixed matches on video so far. But she digs deep, stays tough, and wills her way into the winner's circle.

This match is two 10-minute rounds, and the winner subjects the loser to a 5-minute Punishment Round featuring headscissors, Camel Clutch, RNCs and other neck squeezes, arm locks, facesitting, and a victory pose. Includes opening and closing comments.

Blaze: 5'5" and 135 lbs (165 cm and 61 kg), wears thong bikini
Hanz: 6'1" and 192 lbs (185 cm and 87 kg), wears spandex shorts

*** Filmed in only natural light coming from one window. Some occasional dimness and color balance issues when shooting toward the window during the match*** 1080 Full HD

Full Video Duration: 31 minutes

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Blaze vs Hanz Blaze vs Hanz Blaze vs Hanz
Blaze vs Hanz Blaze vs Hanz Blaze vs Hanz
Blaze vs Hanz Blaze vs Hanz Blaze vs Hanz

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