Big Boss Blaze Demolishes Legion
Pro-Style Mixed Wrestling Domination
May 2024

Big Boss Blaze

Big Boss Blaze

Big Boss Blaze shows off her mixed wrestling domination chops as she absolutely obliterates and completely humiliates cocky young Mr. Legion in this pro-style bout!

Legion has never had a full pro-style bout against a woman before, and he figures: How hard could it be? How mean could a woman possibly be when it comes to pro-style? Pft! But little does he know -- Big Boss Blaze is not just fierce and strong, but she's meaner than he could ever imagine...

Blaze is tremendously confident and dominant, and she seizes control of the match from the very start. Legion is completely floored by the power of Blaze's personality as well as her punishing holds!

Blaze torments Legion with facesitting, matchbook pins, Boston Crabs (x3), Camel Clutches (x3), against-the-wall stinkface ass smothers (x2), headscissors (with some creative entries), the Over-the-Knee Back-breaker, the Roll-Up Leg-Spreader, and tons of dominant and belittling trash talk and taunting all the while!

Legion is totally stunned by Blaze's man-handling power -- she sadistically stretches and bends him, gets into his head with her trash talk, and she totally owns him in every way. Physical and mental domination. She finishes him off with a glowing victory pose... and a little impromptu end game, to remind him that he's now her bitch. Gents, do not get on the Big Boss's bad side!

Pro-Style wrestling domination. Come and be as floored as Mr. Legion by Big Boss Blaze's overpowering confidence, charm, and dominant demeanor on the mats. 1080 Full HD.

Full Video Duration: 26 minutes

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