Bianca Blance

Bianca Blance vs Frankie
Competitive Mixed Wrestling
January 2023

bianca vs frankie

Bianca and Frankie meet up for a good, old, regular competitive wrestling match...but what no one knows is what Frankie did to get Bianca so riled up. Did he insult her off-camera? Did she just not like his face? Or was it VeVe's comment in the pre-match interview that Bianca can only enjoy the punishment round after winning?

Whatever the reason, Bianca is ferociously determined to show Frankie who's in charge as quickly and mercilessly as possible. Although Frankie's an above average fit and muscular guy, Bianca is a perfectly honed masterpiece of fitness and aggression, and after the onslaught of her first few submissions, he's basically cowering as she continues to rack up more and more points.

Bianca totally throws out the rulebook -- hanging on to holds after Frankie's submissions, squeezing again and again for extra tap-outs, and taunting him, "Are you getting frustrated?" Although Frankie does struggle, try to resist, and even sees glimpses of near advantage (quickly and cruelly crushed) during the match, it's not until the punishment round that he gets the slightest break!

Although Bianca is just as dominant, now she slows down to inflict more intentionally elegant or humiliating holds, strike poses, and compel Frankie to lick the sweat from her gorgeous and devastating body. And, of course, such a masterful demonstration could only end with a flawless, foot-on-chest, flexing victory pose.

One-sided competitive wrestling: Bianca totally overwhelms Frankie despite his best efforts and to his total bewilderment. Includes opening interview, 20-minute match, 5-minute punishment round, and closing comments. 1080 Full HD

Bianca: 5'6", 135 lbs.
Frankie: 5'4", 160 lbs.

Full Video Duration: 32 minutes

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mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling
mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling
mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling

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