Fiesty Feminista

Ladies' Best Ass Match
Fiesty Feminista vs VeVe Lane
July 2022

Best Ass

The ladies's "Best Ass" style wrestling match is back! Facesitting, ass smothering, and booty power galore! How can you tell which ass is the best? Why, of course, it's the ass that can facesit the opposition into submission...

VeVe, fresh off her loss in our previous "Best Ass" match (against Ursa, here), stumbles upon tall amazon Fiesty Feminista, and a new booty rivalry ensues!

The ladies argue: Does bigger equal better? Does firmness matter? Does quantity denote quality?? They compare bottoms, and, when a determination cannot be reached peacefully, asses meet faces, and a the next "Best Ass" wrestling match is on!

This is a zany, pro-style -esque wrestling match that entirely features ass attacks. Back-and-forth action, featuring: classic reverse facesits, standing against-the-wall facesits, standing ass smothers, figure-4 facesits, squatting facesits. Lots of butt-in-face action. With trash talk and taunting from whoever's got the upper hand -- each competitor is quite proud of her ass, and each is perfectly pleased to crush her opponent with it! But in the end, only one mighty booty will gain the submission victory...

Spoiler (highlight to see text):
.....  Fiesty's mighty ass defeats VeVe. Fiesty celebrates with a facesitting victory pose   ....

Full Video Duration: 22 minutes

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