El Nino
El Nino

Ursa's "Best Ass" Domination
Ursa Fierce Squashes El Nino
March 2024

Ursa Fierce

Ursa Fierce

The mighty Queen Ursa Fierce is the undisputed champion when it comes to "Best Ass" matches. When it comes to ass smother attacks, she's absolutely unrivaled here in town.

Poor El Nino has been watching all of these "Best Ass" matches, sad that no one has ever given him a chance to show what he can do. None of the match-makers have ever called him in for a "Best Ass" contest. Oh, boo. But the mighty Queen overhears this young man's plight, and she graciously offers him a chance... to try his luck against her!

El Nino is so eager and excited for the opportunity that he doesn't realize just what he's getting himself into -- a "Best Ass" match against Ursa Fierce??? More like a "Best Ass" domination *under* Ursa Fierce!

El Nino doesn't stand a chance; the mighty Queen Ursa outweighs him by 150 lbs (double his weight!), and she dominates him with ease, using all of her favorite ass smother attacks -- various smothersome facesitting pins (reverse and forward), standing "pull you in" ass smothers, the side-ass pin, the against-the-wall ass smother (aka the Stinkface). A lot of ass, and a lot of ass smothering.

Ursa is also a lovely and clever trash talker, and she merrily taunts El Nino as she squashes him. She's confident, dominant, and totally in control. She is the Queen, after all.

But El Nino can only handle so much squashing and smothering. His eagerness sure got him into a world of trouble here. Ursa berates him for thinking he could handle her, makes him admit her ass is the strongest, makes him kiss her ass cheeks, savors her unquestionable "Best Ass" dominance, and enjoys a victory pose.

Ursa: 5'5" and 300 lbs.
El Nino: 5'4" and 148 lbs.

Physical Domination. All ass smothers by Ursa. Features close-ups and full-body views. Ursa wears a bra and thong panties, with tan foot-less pantyhose. 1080 Full HD

Full Video Duration: 22 minutes

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