Jade Indica

Leather Belts Bondage Wrestling
VeVe Lane vs Jade Indica
June 2017

belt bondage

belt bondage

Despite being the Rope-Wrestle Queen, VeVe Lane's also a really big fan of leather strap bondage. And when Jade Indica came over for a visit, VeVe got a chance to give her collection of bondage straps some fight action:

In this bondage wrestling match, VeVe and Jade battle to "hogtie" each other using a variety of leather belts. VeVe can only use the red belts, and Jade can only use the black belts. They can lock on belts individually or link multiple belts together, just as long as the opponents ends up in a belt strap hogtie.

Cheeky, sneaky Jade shows clever innovation with the belts, but VeVe proves she's just as handy with the straps & buckles as she is with the ropes. The ladies tangle on the mats, working their straps, on this hot summer afternoon, until VeVe gradually straps up Jade's legs, then elbows, then wrists, until she is finally immobilized. With Jade strap-bound, VeVe teases her, taunts her, and hand smothers her, before ball gagging her and victory posing. She gives Jade a chance to escape, but Jade is, indeed, quite stuck!

VeVe: 5'4" and 125 lbs.
Jade: 5'2" and 140 lbs.

Total running time: 25 minutes

Includes opening and closing comments. Final Tie: Belt strap hogtie w/ Ball gag. Both ladies wear semi-opaque bodystockings (with thong panties underneath). Natural light.

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punch out punch out punch out
punch out punch out punch out

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