Bella Ink

VeVe Lane vs Bella Ink
Balaclava Bondage Wrestling
February 2022

balaclava bondage: veve vs bella ink

balaclava bondage: veve vs bella ink

Balaclava bondage wrestling is back! And now lingerie ninja VeVe takes on leotard ninja Bella Ink, as the ladies battle it out with wrestling and ropes, each seeking to hogtie the other to claim victory.

It's a grueling and dynamic struggle, with both ladies working hard, both looking to land ties on each other. Ninja Bella is tenacious and spirited, putting her best effort into the fight. But Ninja VeVe is vastly more experienced with the ropes, and she pursues Bella relentlessly. A twisting and turning struggle ensues!

Bella resists as best she can, fending off VeVe for quite a while and looking for any chance to launch an attack of her own. But VeVe is an expert at rope wrestling, and she eventually manages to bind wily Bella into a tidy hogtie... complete with crotch rope (which Bella definitely does *not* appreciate!). Bella groans and complains in rage and indignation. VeVe ignores her rival's complaints, taunting Bella and removing Bella's balaclava mask to show off her "loser face."

Ninja VeVe then ball gags her unmasked, indignant captive. She takes her time removing her own mask, tidying her hair, and victory posing as Bella wiggles in annoyance and gag-groans. VeVe then takes her sweaty balaclava mask and puts it on Bella. Giving Bella even more to groan and complain about through her ball gag!! Now, with Bella hogtied, gagged, and re-masked, VeVe poses some more and then leaves Bella to squiggle uselessly.

Final Tie: Hogtie with crotch rope (arms bound behind back at elbows and wrists). Ball gag, with balaclava mask replaced over top after gag applied. VeVe wears fishnet tights, thong panties, bra. Bella wears thong leotard. 1080 Full HD

Video Duration: 24 minutes

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balaclava bondage balaclava bondage balaclava bondage
balaclava bondage balaclava bondage balaclava bondage
balaclava bondage balaclava bondage balaclava bondage

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