Fingerlocks and Back-Breakers
VeVe Lane and Enchantress Sahrye
May 2021

veve and sahrye

veve lane

VeVe Lane and Enchantress Sahrye jump in for a pro-style bout of Fingerlocks and all kinds of Back-Breaker holds... well, Back-breakers for Sahrye, that is!

The ladies lock up right away, intensely testing each other with an unbreakable fingerlock clash that lasts nearly 5 minutes. They gasp, groan, grit their teeth, flex, and strain, driving each other back, down, and all around.

At last, VeVe gets the advantage, clutches Sahrye in a prolonged and debilitating bearhug, and takes the upper hand in the match -- things don't look good for Sahrye now! VeVe goes on to punishes Sahrye with many brutal, flexibility-testing, back-bending holds: Stretch Muffler, T-Rack lifts, Boston Crabs, Sharpshooter, Over-the-knee back-breakers, Bow-and-Arrow holds, and even a Camel Clutch.

Sahrye is expressive and dramatic, yet totally helpless in VeVe's holds. As she gets stretched to her limits, she's only able to cry out, groan, and moan while VeVe bends her double. But Sahrye never submits, and she holds out despite the harsh flexibility tests... until, at last, it's all too much for her. With the win secured, VeVe enjoys a victory pose

Video Duration: 16 minutes

Dramatic pro-style in bikinis. 1080 Full HD.

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veve and sahrye veve and sahrye veve and sahrye
veve and sahrye veve and sahrye veve and sahrye
veve and sahrye veve and sahrye veve and sahrye

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