Crazy Azy

Crazy Azy vs Twiggy
Competitive Mixed Wrestling
April 2015

Mixed Wrestling

Following her match with Howl, Azy turned to face off against another challenger: Twiggy!

Weighing in at 145 lbs, Twiggy has a 10-lb weight advantage on 135-lb Azy, but Azy has the edge in strength and explosive power. Both competitors are roughly even in grappling experience, though Azy trains much more frequently. These two are meeting now for the first time. Most submissions wins. Let's see how this plays out!

Sizing each other up with their first exchanges, Azy and Twiggy play a careful game to begin with. As they grapple for position, Azy watches for any opening and then leaps in with her submission attacks. Twiggy fends off her attacks as best he can, working to find attacking positions of his own, but even his best is not enough against Azy's strength advantage.

As Twiggy struggles to stay afloat, Azy powers through to stay on top and shut him down at every turn. In the end, Azy emerges as the clear winner... and she's definitely happy about it! She commands Twiggy to lay down as she hogties him and then takes her time stepping on him for several gleeful victory poses!

Crazy Azy: 5'2" and 135 lbs.
Twiggy 5'7" and 145 lbs.

Total running time: 27 minutes
(match is two 10-minute rounds, plus opening and closing comments)

High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.

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Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling Mixed Wrestling

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