Amazon Annie

Sharpening Her Scissors
Amazon Annie and Twiggy
February 2016

amazon annie

amazon annie

Amazon Annie's got great legs and lovely scissorholds, but all that doesn't come without honing and exercise. Of course, Annie prefers to keep in tip top amazonian shape with "practical" leg training, and she's invited her friend Twiggy over to be her workout buddy for today. Twiggy's always been curious about what Annie's workout routines entail, but he has no idea what he's in for here...

As she stretches, Annie casually lures Twiggy between her legs, and so the "workout" game begins. Playful and smiling, Annie flexes and extends her long amazon legs as she works her workout buddy over with a variety of body scissors, reverse headscissors, reverse figure-4 scissors. Confused at first, Twiggy obliges, but as Annie gets rolling and puts him in some long squeezes, he starts to get a bit worn down...

While Annie's in a great and cheerful mood, really enjoying her scissor play time -- I mean workout! -- the exhausted Twiggy decides that maybe he should call it quits. But Annie's not done with him yet. So, she pins him down, smothering him with her booty, as she ties him up with several pairs of her old pantyhose! She finishes up her workout with a final reverse headscissor and the another important part of her repertoire: the victory pose!

Total running time: 20 minutes

Fantasy Domination scenario. Annie wears "sun tan" Ultra Shimmer tights, black leotard. Annie is jovial, talkative, casual, confident. Twiggy ends up bound, gagged, blindfolded with various pairs of pantyhose.

Annie 6'1" and 220 lbs. Twiggy 5'7" and 150 lbs.
HD 1280 x 720, 3.5 mbps.

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amazon annie amazon annie amazon annie
amazon annie amazon annie amazon annie
amazon annie amazon annie amazon annie

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