Amazon Annie
Rachel DD
Rachel DD

Amazon Annie vs Rachel DD
Size Mismatch Female Wrestling
June 2015

size mismatch female wrestling

amazon annie vs rachel dd
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Rachel DD has her work cut out for her here, as she faces off against the mighty Amazon Annie in a fully competitive wrestling match! At 6' tall and 215 lbs, the incredibly confident Annie outweighs her challenger by nearly 100 lbs. But Rachel plans to give it all she's got... and that just makes Annie grin from ear to ear.

The ladies start out with an armwrestling bout and then, following an opening interview, move into their wrestling match (two 10-minute rounds). In this match, points are scored by submissions and 20-count pins. Good luck, Rachel, you'll *really* need it!

Feisty as always, Rachel squares off with Annie and fearlessly rushes in to engage. However, anything that Rachel attempts is absolutely useless against the much stronger amazon. Amused by Rachel's scrappiness, Annie easily tosses Rachel to the mats and proceeds to score multiple pins and submissions against her struggling opponent. Despite Rachel's full-hearted resistance, Annie crushes her with bodyscissors, choke attacks, mounted pins, breast smother pins, headscissors, a facesit pin, headlock, and other controlling holds.

Gleeful to be so physically dominant, Annie playfully laughs and teases as she woman-handles the squirmy, struggling Rachel. In the end, despite Rachel's efforts, it is an absolute shutout victory for Amazon Annie, and she gladly takes her victory pose over poor little Rachel.

Annie: 6' and 215 lbs.
Rachel: 5'4" and 120 lbs.

Total running time: 26 minutes
Includes opening and closing comments, armwrestling, wrestling match.

Intended as competitive but turns out absolutely one-sided.
High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.

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Amazon Annie vs Rachel DD Amazon Annie vs Rachel DD Amazon Annie vs Rachel DD
Amazon Annie vs Rachel DD Amazon Annie vs Rachel DD Amazon Annie vs Rachel DD
Amazon Annie vs Rachel DD Amazon Annie vs Rachel DD Amazon Annie vs Rachel DD

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