Orlandoe, Female Session Wrestler

Agent Orlandoe
Lethal Leotards Syndicate Episode
December 2012

Agent Orlandoe

Agent Orlandoe

Carrying on the tradition of VeVe Lane's "Lethal Leotards" female spy domination videos, we present another lady of the Lethal Leotards Syndicate: Agent Orlandoe.

Agent Orlandoe is a wily and power-loving female supremacist who specializes in enslaving men with the crushing power of her shapely thighs. Though she has no respect for men, it amuses her to have them in her power.

In this video, Orlandoe, clad in the black leotard and tights of the Syndicate, ambushes her latest victim Jason in his own home. Annoyed that he'd been cat-calling at women, Orlandoe reveals that she has come to teach him his proper place. She offers him a chance to wrestle her, but she easily turns his weak attacks aside, rendering him powerless with scissor holds, triangles, chokeholds, and the crushing power of her pantyhose-clad legs.

She tortures him with scissor squeezing, belittling him and forcing him to accept his new life in her service. Satisfied with his eventual compliance, Orlandoe head scissors him into oblivion before taking her leave.

Full video running time: 17 minutes.

Selected Screen Stills:
Agent Orlandoe Agent Orlandoe Agent Orlandoe
Agent Orlandoe Agent Orlandoe Agent Orlandoe
Agent Orlandoe Agent Orlandoe Agent Orlandoe

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