Advanced Facesitting Lesson!
VeVe Lane, Lana Luxor, Legion, Hanz
January 2024

VeVe and Lana

VeVe and Lana

Lana Luxor is a very accomplished facesitter, but she really wants to take her facesitting prowess to the next level. And so, she checked in with tactical facesit fiend VeVe Lane for some advanced facesitting techniques.

VeVe was as eager to share as Lana was to learn, so the ladies grabbed Legion and Hanz and went to work!

This video is an *actual* lesson in Advanced Facesitting that VeVe gives to Lana. It is candid and real, with Lana asking genuine questions... and the guys receiving very genuine smothering!

VeVe shows Lana a selection of advanced variations on both the forward facesit and reverse facesit, while also explaining the merits of each variation.

These variations include:

- Ankles-Crossed Elevated Facesit (forward and reverse)
- The Reverse Figure-4 Lift (reverse)
- The High Mount (forward)
- Ankles-Crossed High Mount (forward)
- Arms Grapevine (reverse)
- Reclining Facesit (forward)

The ladies spend several minutes discussing and practicing each facesit variation. The guys below them rarely get a break; VeVe and Lana merrily smother their face-seats as hard as they can. After all, practice makes permanent, right? So we've got to make sure that sit is tight.

Lana thoroughly enjoys the lesson, and she practices enthusiastically! She's excited to now have even more ways to tease and torment her male victims with facesit goodness!

Camera angles include full-body as well as close-ups of the facesitting (most close-ups are on Lana, with some showing VeVe and Lana simultaneously). VeVe sits on Legion and Lana sits on Hanz. 1080 Full HD.

Full Video Duration: 26 minutes

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