Academic Dispute! Student vs Teacher Catfight
with Brigit Heart and VeVe Lane
April 2024

veve vs brigit

Brigit is a terrible student, always disrupting class... but VeVe is also the worst teacher ever. One day in detention, she tells Brigit that trash like her doesn't even deserve to be in college. Brigit replies that she's f***ing VeVe's husband. Well! This sure isn't going to be settled via the Socratic method...

The ladies get right up in each others' faces, and trading words quickly turns to trading slaps to the face... which turns to seizing each others' hair, ramming into walls, and basically an all-out brawl!

They scratch, bite, slap, fall to the floor, stumble to their feet, sling each other around, throw things, pull off each other's tops, choke, smother, and throughout all of it, trash talk each other viciously. It's a messy, nasty, and very personal fight.

Finally, VeVe pins Brigit against the wall with a slew of punches and an extended double-hand choke. But an eye-rake from Brigit reverses things, and VeVe finds herself struggling wildly to survive a deep and punishing chokehold...
Who will finally subdue the other to become the nastiest bitch in these hallowed halls of learning?

Aggressive fantasy catfight. Brigit begins in hoodie, tight jeans, and sneakers; VeVe begins in blouse, skirt, and heels. Ladies strip to skirt/jeans, bras, and bare feet. 1080 Full HD.

Full Video Duration: 25 minutes

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