Alexis Luna

Abs-Stretching Punishment
Big Boss Blaze and Alexis Luna
May 2024

In this Punishment Round style physical domination scenario, Big Boss Blaze punishes and torments her defeated rival Alexis Luna with back-bending holds to expose and display Alexis' midriff, belly, and navel.

The scene opens as Blaze poses victoriously over exhausted and defeated Alexis. Blaze then punishes Alexis with particular back-arching holds stretch Alexis' abs -- the rear mount back control, full nelson, Dragon Sleeper hold.

As Blaze stretches Alexis in the holds, she menacingly taunts Alexis for losing, she admires Alexis' muscular body... and she also issues warnings to VeVe Lane to beware the power of the Big Boss.

Completely exhausted, Alexis is helpless and can only plead for mercy as Blaze stretches and exposes her belly, dominates her with impunity, gloats, menaces her with RNCs to further exert her dominance, and poses in arrogant victory.

Emphasis on stretching Alexis' abs / belly. Includes full body views, as well as close-ups on Alexis' stretched belly. 1080 Full HD

Full Video Duration: 15 minutes

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