Domina Katarina
Homebase: New York City
E-mail: theDommeKat (at)

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 170 lbs
Shoe Size: 8.5 US Womens

Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Twitter: @theDommeKat

Fighting Style: Submission Wrestling
Favorite Submission: Triangle and Breast Smother
Favorite Pro Hold: Ceiling Hold

Random skills: Making people laugh at uncomfortable (see also: inappropriate) times, being some kind of Drunk Whisperer (they listen to Her!), dancing like a diva even sweating to salsa whether She’s the only one home or the first on the dancefloor
Favorite music styles: Motown, funk, soul and any tempo that makes Her body move

* Videos with Katarina at Doom Maidens

Additional Information:

Domina Katarina provides an exquisite combination of traditional FemDom and Wrestling. She is a dominatrix-turned-wrestler who genuinely loves wrestling and trains hard, but who relishes any chance to mix in some kinky BDSM fun. She has a fast growing list of submissions, along with a full arsenal of Domina tools and tricks to employ all while laughing her prey's helplessness.

You might have heard an old ‘90s jam about not trusting big butts and smiles, but theDommeKat is the poison that you picked. Take a taste. Come back for more.

Katarina filmed her first video with Doom Maidens Wrestling in January 2019. She has since filmed F/F competitive, mixed wrestling, and pro-style wrestling matches. Her eyes light up when anyone whispers "lucha." See Katarina's videos at Doom Maidens here.

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