VeVe Lane
VeVe Lane
Minxy Li, Female Session Wrestler
Minxy Li

Superheroine Cosplay Pro-Style!
VeVe Lane and Minxy Li
March 2014

VeVe Lane Minxy Li

VeVe Lane Minxy Li

VeVe Lane and Minxy Li gear up for our second superheroine cosplay pro-style wrestling match! VeVe returns to the role of Cammy, and Minxy steps in as Chun Li for this zany, wild pro-style bout.

Minxy controls the start of the match, working VeVe over with crotch-exposing holds, including the matchbook pin, back grab, Boston crab, and leg spreader, as well as the Camel Clutch, scissors, and grapevine.

VeVe struggles in Minxy's holds but eventually turns the tables and takes control. She then punishes Minxy with the Bow and Arrow hold, Boston Crab, single crab, back grab, scissors, Lotus Lock, facesitting, matchbook pin, Dragon Sleeper, Venus Flytrap, Sharpshooter, and a variety of crotch-exposing positions. Whoa, VeVe's on a mission!

VeVe finally traps Minxy in a 10-count Leghook pin to seal her victory. She concludes with a school girl pin victory pose and then standing victory pose over her defeated opponent.

Special emphasis on crotch and hip shots, with plenty of full body angles as well. Struggling in holds featuring arching the back and thrusting hips. Showing off those thong leotards!

VeVe wears: green shiny thong leotard, ultra shimmer tights, combat boots, red beret, red glovelettes, blonde wig with braids. Minxy wears: blue Chinese dress over blue thong leotard, brown pantyhose, white wrestling boots, various accessories.

Total running time: 20 minutes
High Definition. Display size: 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.

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VeVe Lane Minxy Li VeVe Lane Minxy Li VeVe Lane Minxy Li
VeVe Lane Minxy Li VeVe Lane Minxy Li VeVe Lane Minxy Li
VeVe Lane Minxy Li VeVe Lane Minxy Li VeVe Lane Minxy Li

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