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Feedback for custom video. Submitted November 11, 2016.

Great job, VeVe!

Please accept my gratitude to you - and Rachel and the rest of your staff - for producing a top drawer video. it was everything I asked for and in such a short space of time

[Submitted by P.T.]

Feedback for custom video. Submitted November 09, 2016.

Hello, thank you for this great video ! It's magic ! rachel is the perfect opponent because like you said she's very determined to win but she can't because you're too strong for her. I really love it like the other custom that you do for me ! Now I think that for all my futur custom I will ask to you because you understand what I want and the most important part : 100 % competitive

[Submitted by M.M.]

Feedback for Hunt for the Spider Queen: VeVe and Howl. Submitted April 25, 2015.

Let me tell you...this one sexy video!! When Veve dropped down on Howl from above...just like a spider would...I was blown away! I couldnt take my eyes off the screen while this video played!I loved the way Spider Queen moved throughout the struggle...fantastic! She looked awesome in that outfit!Then..the ending...with SpiderQueen making her exit....fantastic! Thanks for an awesome video!

Fantastic! I hope you will do a few more of these Spider Queen videos! Awesome video! I appreciate too that the guy in the video fought hard! wasn't enough to beat Spider Queen..but he did make an effort!

[Submitted by JL]

Feedback for VeVe vs Crazy Azy: Competitive Female Bondage Wrestling. Submitted November 19, 2014.

Hi VeVe,

You are amazing to me. Thank you so much for what you do and sharing. I have ordered a couple of your videos recently. Today I bought the bondage match with you and crazy azy. I loved it. One of the best videos I have ever seen. You are amazing. Your body is awesome. I know the work that goes into it. You look great. I really love your attitude. I love watching that bondage match.

Nice touch, showing you getting the ball gag ready before the match. Please pass along thanks to crazy azy too. You both had a good match and it made it even better that I like your personalities. You seem so cool. You both have great attitudes. I did enjoy how you handled her once you had control of her. Soo cool. I like how much fun you have with it. It was great to see Crazy in that tie for the first time . That was a great tie by the way. I like how you both had fun. I like how you had fun but you didn't take it easy on her when you punished her and your tying was awesome. I really think the gag is a nice touch too:) I could go on and on, but I really am glad I found you. There isn't any bondage this cool out there that I have seen... Keep up the good work and thanks again.

I pretty sure I would always like the rope matches the best, but I wonder how a handcuff match would be. Have you ever tried using that in a bondage match?

[Submitted by M]

Feedback for Agents Kara and VeVe: Lethal Leotards Team-Up. Posted to Twitter on June 18, 2014.

"this video is dynamite! Kara and VeVe are sensual, sadistic and totally in is a must add to your collection!" From @WillWillyjewels

Feedback for VeVe vs Cheyenne Jewel: Rematch 2014. Posted to Twitter on June 2, 2014.

"@DoomMaidens @Cheyenne_Jewel @vevelane Outstanding! High energy, high intensity and high quality. Amazing effort ladies! :-)" From @WrestlerMC

Feedback for Facesitting and Smothers Match: Sinn Sage vs VeVe Lane. Submitted on April 12, 2014.

I got the dvd bro and it was Awesome vid... The gals were Mmmm i had a feeling that sinn was going to dom ve ve omg what a Ass on sinn :) poor ve ve at the end

[Submitted by Rob M]

Feedback for Facesitting and Smothers Match: Sinn Sage vs VeVe Lane. Submitted on April 5, 2014.

OMG! I just bought your match with Sinn and VEve!!!! HOT!!!! Sinn has to be one of the sexiest girls on the planet...and her and VeVe together... DAMN!!!!!! loved every sexy last minute of this! especially the ending with Sinn final smother! I hope you guys do more videos with Sinn!!! OMG i couldn't stop watching this video! Thanks again for another great match! you guys ALWAYS produce awesome videos!

[Submitted by JL]

Feedback for a custom video with VeVe and Jason. Submitted on March 21, 2014.

I received the video....great job guys...very competitive and aggressive.

[Submitted by G.]

Feedback for Female Agent Duel 2: VeVe vs Candy. Submitted on Jan 11, 2014.

Hi i just bought your newest agent duel down load...OMG! sexy sexy SEXY!!!!! Those two...rolling around.... in those black leotards....wrapped around each other in doesn't get better than this! thanks again for another awesome video! i ordered a custom match with this kind of scenario before with Orlando vs veve...loved that one to, i have another agent duel to drool over!

[Submitted by JL]

Comments on Female Agent Duel: VeVe vs Candy Pain. Posted on Tumblr, Jan 8, 2014.

must share this from vevelane:

Love a hard battle with a clear winner & humiliated loser :-)

[Original source for comment:]

Feedback for Identity Theft and Bikini Bondage Caper. Submitted on Dec 9, 2013.

Great JOB! You [VeVe] are such a great model! (even though I could submit and bind & ballgag you ;-)

I just got your email and your cop vs robber stripping & bondage video is the #1 video in the bondage section a week after you uploaded it!! And your other wrestle, bondage and BALLGAG video with Keri is #2!

I hope you keep making these types of videos.

[Submitted by T. B.]

Feedback for VeVe vs Sable of LWS. Submitted on Sept 25, 2013.

just had to say that your bout vs Sable was one of the best I've ever seen. What a contest. I have to say, I was surprised by her (and perhaps you were) but you defended brilliantly and took the opportunity when it came. A great fight for both tactics and pure athleticism.

[Submitted by SC]

Feedback for Agent Sable: Lethal Leotards Syndicate with Sable and Thrash. Posted to Twitter on Sept 25, 2013.

@DoomMaidens @sissoringsable watched Agent Sable control and dominate, she is the perfect agent, alluring & sensual, I want 2 b her prisoner

Posted by WillWillyjewels

Feedback for Victory Pose Lesson custom video with VeVe, Amazon Annie, and Adrian. Submitted on Sept 6, 2013.

Hi VeVe,
I've just seen the video,and it was extraordinary.
First, I would like to truly thank you for all the organization from the start until I get the video. You made it quick, you keep me informed of everything, and even when Adrian was sick, you managed to schedule a new shooting session.

You send me the video this afternoon for me in France, and really early for you in NY this morning after shooting it last night, I really don't know if you get some sleep or rest even a little, you wanted to please me, and you cannot imagine what it means for me.
It's tremendous.

The video content was absolutely breathtaking. You did exactly what I dreamed of and followed each step of the script
Adrian did great and was a lucky guy last night!!
But You and Annie, my god, you are two real goddesses, sexy, powerful and so beautiful.
What a performance, and so much stunning victory poses from both of you, alone or together.
It's hard to find words to describe how happy I am because of you and your team

Don't hesitate if you think that it can be a good video to download for doomaidens' fans to put it in your video store, I would be glad to participate a little bit in your success.
Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to do another one very soon.

[submitted by F.]

Feedback for Pro-Style custom video of Orlandoe vs VeVe. Submitted on Sept 6, 2013.

VeVe, I just watched the video and I have three words for you... Oh My God!

Talk about a fantasy come true. You really did nail it. From the holds, to the attire, to the verbal sparring, to the give and take and the of course the camera angles, you provided exactly what I was looking for. I can't say enough how much I enjoyed this production. And it looks like you enjoyed doing it too!

I have enjoyed and fantasized about female wrestling from when I was just a kid. Watching GLOW and WWF wrestling matches on TV was a ritual on Saturday mornings and afternoon. Your company has been able to rekindle that excitement and for that, I am grateful.

I'd be interested to see how this type of video resonates with your audience. Let me know if it sells well. If so, I might just have to commission a rematch!

Thank you so much for this VeVe. You and Orlandoe are the BEST! Happy wrestling!!!

[submitted by spandmound]

Feedback for Pro-Style: VeVe vs Indra. Posted to VeVe's youtube channel trailer on May 6, 2013.

I had to buy this just now after getting a little sample here. The full match is amazing. Great camera work, very clear picture, long, lots of great holds. I wish Indra didn't tap out so fast a lot of the time, but that didn't keep VeVe from holding on a bit longer anyway. Fantastic video!
[posted by Aakao Priest]

Feedback for Orlandoe vs Hanz. Posted to on March 18, 2013.

This is why VeVe and her crew stand out as the best among so many others. No pomp or pretense; just flat out fun and great product. Orlandoe works up a healthy sweat from really going at it. I'd love to see her go up against one of the ladies from Grappling Girls.
[submitted by figureartist]

Feedback for a custom video commission with VeVe and Wrecks. Submitted January 2013.

The video was FANTASTIC as usual! I really love how well you all follow direction. Wonderful work once again, I can't thank you guys enough!

Again, great work,

Feedback for Ab Contest, Gym Fitness Contests, and Forced Muscle Worship. Submitted January 2013.

This gorgeous lady needs no introduction if you are a wrestling fan. She has an amazing physique and is very skilled in submission wrestling. All of her videos are worth watching but if you want to admire her strength and muscles you have to watch these:

I shan't spoil the fun by revealing what happens in each videos but for the first video, the 2 ladies take part in various contests to see who has the stronger abs. Just look at Veve's abs. So chiseled and hard as a rock. Is there anyway she can possibly lose an ab strength contest?

The second video has both ladies competing to see who's arms and legs are stronger. Looking at the muscles in her back and how chiseled her biceps are, is it even possible for Veve to lose? I love how the camera zooms in when Veve is doing pull ups. You can see every single muscle at work. HOT!!!

The last video is a must for muscle worship fans. After Veve kicks the guy's butt, she forces him to worship her muscles and the video ends with some of the sexiest posing you have ever seen. Gorgeous Veve, her body nicely oiled, flexing every single rock hard & chiseled muscle. Geez!! Too hot to describe!

[posted by femwrest on]
original post:

Feedback for Clobberetta vs MariQueen. Submitted December 2012.

Huge Clobberetta fan here (I have all her videos), just wanted to say that her newest match [vs MariQueen] was excellent, as was the match vs sircee. The only feedback I would have would be that as do I, many of Clobberetta's fans prefer to see her wrestle in shorts than spandex pants. As you can tell, we appreciate her body and her being comfortable wrestling in those kind of outfits.

I also wanted to say KUDOS to your company for having a woman like Clobberetta wrestle on your site.

[Submitted by DL]

Feedback for Forced Muscle Worship (VeVe and Diablo). Submitted October 2012.

Veve Lane freaking rules!!! I wanna see more!!!!. Excellent seductive flexing!!! Love to see those curves in clingy dresses and smooth tight pants [in future videos -ed.].

[Submitted by F.K.]

Feedback for Toned Tommi vs Hanz. Originally posted to the forum. July 2012.

Loved the vid.. she [Tommi] might not be my dream girl, but she sure brings much needed realism to the F-M bouts. and even though it's not competitive, she is still the superior one - with her skills and conditioning, it's a believable action. Real situational trash talk between 'em adds to it too (so tired of guys spouting annoying bs).

Any more with her in the works?

[posted by Immobilized]

Feedback for VeVe vs Adrian: Competitive Mixed Wrestling. Submitted May 24, 2012.

Just viewed VeVe's match with Adrian. And in a word "DOMINATING"!! Adrian is not a bad athlete from what I can tell. He moves well around the mat. But he was way in over his head!!

VeVe is tough to beat under any circumstances, and unless you come in optimum condition you will have your work cut out for you. Her arsenal of holds and jointlocks cranks out submissions, but her most potent weapon I've seen from her is her never yielding stamina!! Even with an 80lb weight advantage Adrian couldn't stand up to VeVe's relentless pace. By mid-match he was too tired to even defend himself. It looked like a cheetah bringing down a wilderbeast!

:) Poor guy i felt bad for him. He had to be the lonliest guy in the room. His muscles had been turned to mush, his heart is racing, his lungs are on fire and this chisled scantilly clad woman who is barely breathing hard is advancing on him What a dream, but unless your Adrian what a NIGHTMARE!!
[Submitted by C.B.]

Feedback for Belly Punches: VeVe Takes Punches. Submitted May 20, 2012.

Rather nice to see the cool, composed, confident VeVe taking some good shots to that tight toned tastefully tattooed midriff. ;-)

Diablo barely managed to crack the lady's composuer with only a few pretty low grunts.

Well worth the price.
[Submitted by Gutsy]

Feedback for a Lift & Carry custom video with VeVe, Orlandoe, Indra, and Sandeh. Submitted March 29, 2012.

hi, ty! you have done a great work...i want let you a positive feedback on your site, i'have ordered the video 2 day ago and it is ready, realy impressive!
[submitted by A. from Italy]

Feedback for a custom video with Amazon Annie and Nyx. Submitted March 19, 2012.

Annie looked absolutely stunning .Where did she get those gorgious stockings with back seams reinforced heels and toes to highlight her shaply legs and pretty feet?

Nix looked lovely and was her sweet self- -i like her hair -hope she was o.k. with being pinned down for that length of time - please pass along a big thanks tor the ladies as well as your self( you work is greatly appreciated) and the camera person who did an excellent job-picture very clear.
[Submitted by P.M.]

Comment on Push-Up contest excerpt from VeVe vs Jason and Thrash. Submitted Feb 29, 2012.

I love the way she humiliates her male opponents with the pushup contest before they start wrestling. I'm sure she trounced them easily on the mat after setting them up psychologically for total defeat. She knows how to use her power and her sexy manner to defeat men.

Feedback for VeVe vs Thrash: Bondage Wrestling. Submitted Dec 26, 2011.

Just dropping a line to let you know that I LOVE the mixed bondage wrestling clips. I have purchased every one and hope you do many more in the future. The ones with VeVe and Thrash were especially good as they resulted in "real" bondage for the male opponent, whereas some of the other clips featured sloppier, more impromptu bondage (that was still pretty fun to watch). Nobody else is offering this that I know of anywhere on the net. Thanks very much for your work
[Submitted by A. from TN]

Feedback for Pro-Style in Tights!. Submitted Oct 24, 2011.

Love your latest releases! Keep those tights and pantyhose video coming!

Feedback for VeVe's Interrogation Torture. Submitted Sept 14, 2011.


I've been watching/reading/sessioning in the world of wrestling domination for a while and I have NEVER seen anything as beautiful and exciting as your "Interrogation" video. As a performer, you are quite wonderful to watch. Your athleticism, skill and confidence were gorgeous. And damn, I loved those leotards and tights!

[Submitted by P.]

Feedback for a custom video request. Submitted Sept 13, 2011.

Wonderful! What fast and perfect work! You got everything right! Thank you so much I absolutely love it!

Great work again!

[Submitted by D.]

Feedback for VeVe's Interrogation Torture. Submitted June 6, 2011.

I got this video:I like this type of theme. Veve demonstrates a real talent for acting: with her deceptively cute pixie-ish looks she clearly enjoys inflicing escalating pain upon her heroically resistant male victim. Her dialogue, facial expressions, physical skills all convey a casually sadistic seductive yet controlled menace.

Diablo with his muscular semi-clad physique provides a steady but doomed resistance to her wiles. Veve is branching out... and I like it.

[Submitted by Gutsy]

Feedback for VeVe's Interrogation Torture. Submitted June 6, 2011.

This was very much what I like: domination of a man by a woman (VeVe is great), scissoring, legs and feet. I especially like sleeper holds because they incapacitate the man. The video would have been even more exciting for me if there were incapacitating punches, chops, and kicks to the guy's stomach and throat, and if the sleeper holds were held longer so that the guy was on the verge of passing out. I don't care if these things are staged, just so they appear real.

Thanks for a good video.

[Submitted by M.R.]

Feedback for VeVe Lane's Judo Throws & Pantyhose. Submitted May 24, 2011.

I bought the video some days ago. It is fantastic. Sexy VeVe, great Judo action.
It doesn't look very funny for her victim but somehow you want to be insteat of him....
Great video.

[Submitted by P.]

Feedback for Catfight: VeVe vs Orlandoe. Submitted May 3, 2011.

All of us who are fans of The Doom Maidens recognize VeVe Lane as a skilled wrestler and a great competitor. That's why it is enjoyable to see the strong rivalry that has developed between VeVe and another very talented and very competitive Doom Maiden... Orlandoe.

The rivalry between VeVe and Orlandoe began several months ago. First, there was a fast paced and hard fought competitive wrestling match in which both women displayed not only real wrestling expertise, but also a true determination to win. This was a great match.

Next was the bondage wrestling match where Orlandoe charged onto the mat to stop VeVe's victory posing over the defeated Athena. I have never had any interest in bondage of any kind, but the "rope wrestling" between VeVe and Orlandoe was intense and truly exciting.

But best of all in the VeVe vs. Orlandoe saga is the recently released cat fight between these two wrestling stars. It starts when Orlandoe tells VeVe... "I think we should have a bitch fight; a cat fight." VeVe responds by saying... "I can trade slaps with the best of `em." And trade slaps they do as an exchange of two hard smacks to each other's faces launches the action.

What follows is twenty minutes of unbridled non-stop fury... intense grappling, vicious hair pulling, face mauling, kicking, and the hardest slaps to both faces and bodies that I have ever seen. The sharp crack of bare hands against bare flesh reverberates throughout the room, and soon redness can be seen on the bodies of both fighters. The two fighters pant, gasp and grunt as their war intensifies. Neither fighter asks for nor receives any slack or relief. They sweat and strain as they seek to dominate each other. VeVe and Orlandoe fight with a ferocity that is rarely seen.

VeVe and Orlandoe are beautifully conditioned... their stamina and their endurance are incredible. This is no roll, slap and giggle contest. This is an all-out intensive bitch fight between two equally matched and very courageous young women. The margin of victory is razor-thin and the winner strikes a victory pose with her foot on her opponent's face.

An interesting note... after thirty seconds of intense fighting, VeVe and Orlandoe have a discussion on what the rules are... and they do this while they continue fighting furiously.

I hope VeVe and Orlandoe face each other many times in the future. These are two great fighters and they represent the best of the Doom Maidens.

[Submitted by Flynn]

Feedback for Lucha Spandex Smackdown. Submitted April 26, 2011.

damn this dvd was off the hook! rope everywhere! bodies rolling everywhere! me again, on the edge of my seat, yelling at the screen! thanks for another awesome dvd! you guys are crazy! and your great wrestlers also! i can't wait to see what you come up with next!

General Customer Feedback. Submitted March 17, 2011.

i've purchased a couple of downloads from your store and they are nothing short of brilliant, genuine and skillful. i bought a couple of the competitive bondage wrestling films as im huge bondage fan, i have been wondering for some time now when a studio would start producing unscripted wrestling with the aim of tying up the opponent. veve and athena was a fantastic film, and even the film with keri and veve was great, even if it didn't actually result in anyone being bound, it was great fun to watch. i also admire the way in which your website describes each film, its very honest and detailed, so many times have i bought clips or films that had been totally misreprented, i thought i was never going to find the genuine article but with doom maidens i have.

im not really a fan of other wrestling websites such as XXXXXX etc, as i think its all a bit 'fake'. your wrestlers, veve especially, are very skilled and will only get better. im hoping to see more competitive bondage wrestling films from you, maybe even with handcuffs and gags. im sure your films will become more intense and creative in the bondage sense and i cant wait to see them. i would like to add that veve and keri's fight was fantastic and i would like to see a rematch with the loser finally bound and gagged, i must admit i think veve has the edge when it comes to rope technique but i think keri might have matched her in strength and wrestling skill.

thankyou for these high quality and well produced films, maybe one day i will be behind the camera but for now ill leave it down to you.

Feedback for VeVe vs Athena with Orlandoe. Submitted March 17, 2011.


here is my feedback:

What a great video. I loved the idea, to have the almost unbeatable Vevee finally helpless. Would be even greater if the two tickled her feet afterwards :-)

Would like to see more two-vs-one-matches, perhaps two "weaker" girls doubleteaming Vevee in a wrestling match, trying to hold her down.

Feedback for VeVe vs Raquel. Submitted March 13, 2011.

wow it was great to see Raquel wrestling again. i remember her and she is an outstanding athlete. so is Veve. this was a great match and exciting to watch. it always amazes me to see women who are able to wrestle like this. i was on the edge of my seat through this one, and being a fan of both ladies, i didn't know who to cheer for! thanks for continuing to make these great wrestling dvds! I look forward to seeing the next ones you guys produce!

Feedback for VeVe vs Clobberetta: Catfight!. Submitted March 13, 2011.

holy sore faces batman! what an intense fight! damn i thought these two were friends? this dvd was serious! i thought veve was gonna get her behind handed to her, cause clobberetta is bigger than her, but that little veve has fight! she is in serious conditon!!!!she even got a choke on the big girl! and the slapping.....geez thats gotta hurt...i loved this! thanks for another great dvd guys! Veve is one amazing fighting machine! seeing her videos inspired me to get my butt back in shape!!!after seeing her handle someone twice her size i dont think i will be challenging her to wrestle though.

Feedback for VeVe vs Raquel. Submitted March 8, 2011.

Hi friends, GREAT! I remember Raquel wrestling for Silver Sun and others!
She's been a dangerous wrestler. Her technique is very good. She's been also very strong.
What a match! What about a rematch? Thongs, showing your muscles! So, very skimpy bikinis next time.
Thanks a lot for your real wrestling matches, VeVe.

Feedback for Garter Belt vs Pantyhose. Submitted Feb 24, 2011.

This video was good for me because it had painful, constraining holds and good visibility of the girls' legs and feet. Also feet on the face is great for me. The more, the better. VeVe is a turn on!

Feedback for Clobberetta vs the Bulk. Submitted Feb 10, 2011.

You guys produce a tasteful product. Excellent recognition of what we want. Clobberetta is awesome. Get some more plus sized ladies.

Feedback for VeVe vs Ginger. Submitted Feb 7, 2011.

Now, I just wanted to tell you that the VeVe vs Ginger was without [doubt] THE most exciting female mat action that I've ever seen. This was no giggly roll-around with untrained cuties. It was a fast--paced, full-out and non-stop wrestle between two splendidly muscled and well-trained women. I loved it, and will certainly be downloading others of similar quality in the future.

Submitted by P.

Feedback for VeVe's Bondage Wrestling. Submitted Dec 26, 2010.

Initial feedback message:
The bondage wrestling totally rocks! Never seen anything like it, but I LIKE IT! Love to see more, actually

Follow up feedback:
After watching the two rounds of video a few times, I feel I should have added something about how sophisticated I think VeVe's rope-handling techniques were. You can see the gears in her mind just working the situation out like a mathematical formula with the physical skills to back it up. Cool and impressive!

And I was going to suggest a female vs female bondage wrestling match, in fact, so I'll respond to your other question [want to see Female vs female bondage wrestling? -ed.] with a resounding "YES!"

Also, in the match I viewed and on her website, VeVe said something about other types of bondage matches, like "Escape," and whatnot. Of course, I'm interested in paying for those, too. You guys are providing something I have yet to find anywhere else (the only things that have come close are significantly more sexual). I'd just as soon give you some incentive to keep it up.

Thanks for the response, and feel free to post or paraphrase whatever you like from my emails. =)

Feedback for VeVe's Spandex Domination Wrestling. Submitted Dec 26, 2010.

Have just ordered "Spandex Wrestling".I have been looking for this type of match for ever. PLEASE do more of these type matches. I am so sick and tired of seeing the girl in great looking wrestling gear and the guy looking like he was headed to a beach party. Who wrestles in shorts and a tee shirt, or long pants and a dress shirt. Come on, what are these guys afraid of. Lets see the body!!!

Feedback for VeVe's Bondage Wrestling Submitted Dec 26, 2010
Thank you so much for your bondage wrestling! That's exactly what I've always wanted to see and I have felt like an outcast because I've never found it until you! Please keep it up. You are now my favorite female wrestler and am now dreaming of winning the lotto so I can make you a LOT of money while you wrestle me into bondage for days on end. :-) And I can't wait to see you bondage wrestle with a woman.

Thanks again for making my day and making me feel wonderful just knowing there's an incredibly sexy woman out there that is on the same wavelength as me.

Feedback for VeVe's Bondage Wrestling Submitted Nov 17, 2010.
Just purchased and downloaded the Veve bondage wrestling video. Great fast paced action. Hope to see more of these with Veve against other competitors. A nice twist would be her to finish him with a hog-tie. How many male egos could survive this?

Feedback for VeVe Lane vs Julie Squeeze Submitted Nov 11, 2010.
just finished viewing the dvds. great products ur company are releasing. again i love how fast the delivery is: a week or so. awesome.

1 fan suggestion: would absolutely love 2 see a rematch between julie squeeze & veve again, only this time by rear naked choke submissions only, being it's both wrestlers' favorite hold, not 2 mention it will be a very spirited & competitive match because of it!

Review for VeVe Lane vs Julie Squeeze Submitted Oct 2, 2010
Hi Veve & Julie, I recently purchased the download with both of you Ladies in a unique 3-part Match, and I must tell you it was fast paced and contagiously entertaining. Both of you gave it your all (for 110%) to the point of near exhaustion. I've had the pleasure of sessioning with you (quite some time ago) and Julie and I must confess, the match lived up to expectations! I weigh in at 225 lbs and both of you had very little trouble submitting me at will!

Your match was the real McCoy and I would be the first in line to purchase the download if you ever consider a rematch?

Submitted by Flynn. Aug 23, 2010
VeVe Lane vs. Orlandoe A Torrid Match

For all fans of competitive female wrestling, and especially VeVe Lane fans, the recent match between VeVe and Orlandoe could easily be classified as "required viewing." This struggle with the very talented Orlando is easily one of VeVe's best matches.

VeVe and Orlandoe are almost mirror images of the other. There are nearly equal in height and weight, both are well versed in applying and escaping wrestling holds, both possess the rare combination of physical strength and cat-like quickness, and both display a true competitive intensity. This result is a match that leaves the fan wanting more.

As with all of VeVe's matches, the pace starts out fast, and becomes even quicker as the struggle continues. The heat and humidity in this midsummer match must have been off the chart. Both wrestlers are quickly bathed in sweat and they move and slide easily on the slippery wrestling surface. No taunting, no threats, no conversation... the only sounds are grunts of exertion and labored breathing.

As VeVe fans, we can hope that this match was just the first in a series of matches between these two superb wrestlers. If you like VeVe, you will love this match with Orlandoe.

In a little over two weeks from now, VeVe will be winging her way across the Atlantic to compete in Monicas's Sept 11th Live Event.

Monica has lined up some great wrestlers for this exciting Event. I am hoping that VeVe will get the opportunity to face both Xana and Antscha on Monica's mats. These three great wrestlers are so close in height, weight and wrestling skills that their matches would be very competitive and exciting.

Submitted Aug 2, 2010
I've now purchased most of VeVe's mixed wrestling videos... They are completely real and I'm amazed at how she can overpower men that are often bigger than her. Her fights against shortfuse Mark and Blazin Ben are excellent. By special request would you PLEASE ask her to fight one of them in the ultra feminine outfit of one piece swimsuit and pantyhose. That way they would know even more that they'd been overpowered by a highly skilled woman. Many thanks and keep up the great work

Submitted July 30, 2010 by a Canadian customer:
had 2 email u 2 let u no that i am beyond satisifed with the quickness of my order, i just got them in the mail 2day, only ordered them last tues. so 2 my surprise when i saw the package in my mail.

i ordered a whole bunch from various companies on the same day, ur the 1st, n in a week! very happy. can't wait 2 order more in the coming weeks. thanx again from a happy customer. just had to let u no!

Review for VeVe vs Gianna 1: First Meeting Submitted Apr 24, 2009:
watched it twice last night, cause you always miss something the first time around.

would have loved to see it have gone longer. both of you were really starting to break down physically. would have been very interesting to see. but I see what you mean. really close tight fighting space. and insanely hot. must have made it a real challenge for the both of you.

it was great to watch.

even when you did the special posing at the end, you really looked exhausted !!!!!!
would love to see a rematch between the 2 of you"

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