Minxy Li, Female Session Wrestler
Minxy Li

Minxy Li vs Adrian
Competitive Mixed Wrestling
March 2014

Minxy Li

Minxy Li

Between shoots during a big filming day, Adrian started running his mouth at visiting wrestler Minxy Li. He casually questioned Minxy's fitness and prowess, laughing her off from behind the safety of the shoot schedule, which did not call for them to have a match together. However, Minxy got SO fired up by Adrian's trash talk, that we decided to let them have a match right then and there!

Adrian was caught off guard, but he accepted the bout against the thoroughly annoyed Minxy. Scoring conditions include both submissions and pins. Time to see if Adrian can backup all that talk.

Minxy's irritation is clear even from the opening interview, and she flies at Adrian as soon as the match begins. Her fitness and quickness are clearly superior to Adrian's; she's been training and he hasn't worked out at all. Though Adrian is slower and less fit, he does attempt a plodding offensive. However, Minxy's feisty energy and fast legs really wear down his poor stamina...

Both Minxy and Adrian score various submissions, but fatigue hits Adrian hard as he tries to keep up. Muscle exhaustion cripples him into immobility at times, and Minxy gladly takes advantage of the opportunity. Adrian tries his best to stay in the game, but Minxy is more skilled and better suited for endurance.

When time expires, both competitors are exhausted... but the fitter, more tenacious Minxy comes out with the win. Adrian can barely move, so Minxy steps up on top of him for a mean-spirited, gloating, taunting, and prolonged victory pose.

Two 10-minute rounds, plus opening and closing interviews conducted by VeVe.

Total running time: 27 minutes
High Definition. Display size: 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.

Impromptu competitive match that neither competitor expected to do this day!

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Minxy Li Minxy Li Minxy Li
Minxy Li Minxy Li Minxy Li
Minxy Li Minxy Li Minxy Li

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